I work with individuals (children, teens and adults), couples and families and I tailor my therapeutic approaches to best serve the individual’s needs. I believe that a positive relationship with a therapist is the key to feeling both safe and productive in psychotherapy. Towards that end, I strive to be a compassionate, engaged, goal-oriented clinician. I will work with you to define goals that are important to you, and to identify the most effective way of meeting them.


I focus on counseling people to become aware of how their behavior affects others and prevents them from developing closeness and stability in relationships. Therapy also helps people examine and change destructive premises and beliefs that lead to behaviors that are self defeating. I support strengths and goals while also challenging fears and encouraging growth. I assist clients in finding their own pace, while also creating an environment in which they feel able to take risks. In doing so, I help clients to understand and break ineffective patterns in their lives and to achieve and maintain well-being and balance.


All couples go through periods of uncertainty. Couples come to therapy seeking to revive love, sex, intimacy, and communication in their relationship. Typical problems include threats of divorce, infidelity, fighting, anxiety, substance abuse, emotional withdrawal and conflict over money. Couples therapy helps partners by creating a context where emotionally charged issues in the relationship can be explored and where each partner develops awareness of how their behavior contributes to the problem situation. I provide an unbiased and supportive environment where couples can feel safe enough to build emotional intimacy, while targeting areas of growth and building on strengths within the relationship.


My focus is on helping parents understand the interactional patterns and how their children’s behavior often triggers responses in parents that may make problems worse. I work with parents and their children to alleviate painful feelings of shame, guilt and anger by helping them to understand how destructive family interactions can be modified. I provide a safe and accepting atmosphere in which families can experiment with new ways of interacting, and can work on ending frustrating cycles of blame and disappointment.

New Client Information

Please print out the form below, fill it out, and bring it with you to your first scheduled session. If you have questions regarding the form or are unable to print it, let me know.

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